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Biscuits iced with a marbled icing


Martha Collison’s marbled sugar cookies

So tasty and they'll look super cute on any Big Lunch or festive table. This marbled sugar cookie recipe creates…

A bowl filled with delicious looking merangues


Rosie’s Colourful Coconut Meringue kisses with a summer berry curd

A recipe for coconut meringue kisses with a berry curd. The curd can be drizzled over, used to sandwich the…

Walnut Biscuits by Ken Hom


Walnut Biscuits by Ken Hom OBE

Super simple and perfect for wrapping in individual portions!

Pancake rolls and some really great looking dipping sauce


Kwoklyn’s Pancake rolls

Try your hand at these delicious pancake rolls to serve up a treat at your Big Lunch.

Sloe berries in a jam jar with gin poured over the top and sugar settled at the bottom


Homemade sloe gin

Take advantage of your community’s secret stash of sloes and have a go at making your own sloe gin, it…

Plums growing


Sloe berry cordial

Have a go at this sloe berry cordial recipe, which you can use in mocktails or just as a tasty…

Alana Spencer's Banana Brownie Bread


Alana Spencer’s Banana Brownie Bread

Love banana bread? Love chocolate brownies? Alana Spencer has shared this gorgeous recipe that combines these two favourites, her banana…

Clarence House Chocolate Cake


Clarence House Chocolate Biscuit Cake

The recipe is taken from A Royal Cookbook: Seasonal recipes from Buckingham Palace and used by Clarence House. We hope…

Strawberry cake


Manon’s strawberry French cake

Manon Lagreve has shared her strawberry French cake recipe. Perfect for a Big Lunch!

Roasted Veg tart


Alice Fevronia’s tomato, spinach & feta tart

Easy and delicious, Alice's tomato, spinach and feta tart recipe creates the perfect dish for your Big Lunch.

Rosie’s Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Delight


Rosie’s Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Delight

This is a very fresh, beautifully textured gluten free lemon drizzle and no one would even guess it is gluten…



Manon Lagreve’s French Yogurt Cake

This Gateau au yaourt (or French yogurt cake recipe) is probably the cake I have baked the most in my…