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Group of people outside on a sunny day

Connecting with people

Get to know your community with human bingo!

These human bingo cards are the perfect way to break the ice, start a conversation and get to know one…

Daffodils outside the Eden Project biomes

Games and activities

Spring planting to brighten your community

A burst of colour and fragrance can make such a difference to your community, especially after a long, dark winter.…

A wildflower meadow with a cerise flower in front shot

Games and activities

How to sow wildflowers

Our top tips on how to sow wildflowers and make them bloom.

Colourful wildflowers. The picture is taking from below with the flowers stretching up into the blue sky.

Games and activities

How to support pollinators

Pollinators (like bees, wasps and butterflies) are pretty wonderful creatures. They do a vital job in pollinating plants and crops,…

Crystal palace bus next to a community garden

Connecting with people

Start a community garden

Add some nature to your neighbourhood.

A group of children holding hands, wearing high-vis jackets, walking to school

Connecting with people

Organise a school walking bus

A ‘walking bus’ supports kids to walk to school, safely chaperoned by adults. It not only boosts exercise and lowers…

Blue and yellow flower mosaics on brick wall

Games and activities

Create a community nature trail

We can all make small changes that make a big difference to our natural world. Help create and share local…

A group of women trying on clothes in front of a sign that says 'Swap don't shop'

Connecting with people

How to hold a clothes swap

Clothes swaps are perfect for bringing people together, reducing waste and promoting sustainable fashion!

Small boy wearing blue hoodie and orange high-vis puts a crown made of leaves on, standing next to a sign saying 'Wild crowns'

Arts and crafts

8 fun crafts with paper

Making decorations for your event is a great way to bring people together and build community spirit! Our activities can…

bunch of coloured pencils

Connecting with people

Colouring in for mindfulness

Adults all over the world are rediscovering the magic of colouring-in, as evidenced by the huge sales of adult mindfulness…

Pots filled with crafting materials

Games and activities

Flap the kipper

Race your kippers to the finish line in this exciting event for young and old!

Community cruft show

Connecting with people

Organise a community Crufts

Dogs have a special place in our hearts and studies have shown dog owners are more likely to know their neighbours,…