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Connecting with people

Plan a ‘Love Where You Live’ event

Invite your neighbours to share their favourite places and encourage people to look at where they live with fresh eyes.

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Connecting with people

Arrange a memory walk

A memory walk activity — during which older residents share their recollections of the neighbourhood with local schoolchildren — is…

Flowers in welly boots

Games and activities

How to plant flowers around your neighbourhood

Fancy brightening up where you live? Plant in pots, upcycled planters or directly in the ground.

Disco Soup event

Connecting with people

Run a Disco Soup event

A Disco Soup event is a fun way to bring people together while using up surplus food.

Woman holding up pie

Games and activities


This game is so simple to play yet it can be the most fun. There's loads of tension and excitement…

A group of people chatting in the street

Connecting with people

Community treasure hunt

This is a simple icebreaker that gets everyone in your party involved, and gets people finding out more about each…

Two young boys with water bombs

Games and activities

The water bomb game

A great, simple game — as long as no one minds getting soaked!

Children playing 'It's a knockout game'

Games and activities

It’s a knockout!

Two teams in fancy dress race over obstacles carrying coloured water, just like the classic show from the 70s. If…

Children playing outside with a flag

Games and activities

Capture the flag

This game encourages team members to work together to plan their strategy — splitting into defenders and attackers to collect…

Two people are planting a plant in a wooden trough.

Games and activities

What to plant in autumn to brighten your community

Planting bulbs, wildflowers and trees is a brilliant way to cheer up your home and community, and you don't need…

Two children running

Games and activities

Sticky toffee pudding

Don't worry — there's no real goo involved here, it's simply hide-and-seek with a sticky twist....