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This game is so simple to play yet it can be the most fun. There's loads of tension and excitement to be had as the competition builds to bring out the hunter-gatherer instinct in all of us.

How to play

Make a list of household things, or use and adapt the list below. Each team is given the list at the same time; then it’s simply a race to get everything out onto the street from the team members’ homes.  This is also a great game to play during online calls!

Every item should come from a different home. Adjust the length of this list depending on how many different homes are playing in the team.

Example items to find

• Potato
• Carrot
• Rolling pin
• Whisk
• Washing up bowl full of soapy water
• Cup of tea
• Teaspoon of salt
• Tablespoon of oil
• Slice of toast with butter

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