Why donate to the Eden Project?

The Eden Project works across the UK and internationally on transformative projects which strengthen communities and reconnect people with nature, so we can make positive change together.

The UK has lost over 97% of its wildflower habitats since WWII and is one of the loneliest nations in Europe.

Your money could help us…

Create habitats

We restore wildlife habitats and run conservation projects to bring threatened species back from the brink.

Connect communities

We help millions experience the value of connection through campaigns like The Big Lunch, which last year made over 11m people feel less lonely. As well as giving people the skills and support to make positive change in their communities through our network, events and courses.

Educate people about nature

We offer learning opportunities for all ages to help create a better understanding of the natural world and shape a better future.

Help us to support more people to create happier, healthier communities across the UK. The Eden Project’s registered charity number is 1093070 (The Eden Trust).

A glass donation jar is having a 5 pound note added amidst a beautifully set table containing cakes, drinks and flowers.

Fundraise with The Big Lunch

Thanks to the amazing organisers and neighbourhoods who join in every year, over £87 million has been raised for good causes through Big Lunches since 2015, with more than 3/4 going to local charities or causes. That really is something to celebrate!

Please consider fundraising for the Eden Project with your Big Lunch. Even gifting a small amount of your fundraising pot can help us support more Big Lunches and reconnect communities with nature.

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Fundraising ideas

How to pay in your Big Lunch fundraising

If you’re planning to fundraise for us (or have done already), thank you so much for your support! You’re an absolute superstar.

When it comes to paying in your Big Lunch fundraising, you have a couple of options.

1) Use our online donation form

The simplest way to pay in your fundraising is using our online donation form.

Pay in your fundraising on our website


2) Use JustGiving

We’ve got a JustGiving page that you can add donations to (or encourage others to donate to). You could also create your own fundraising page on JustGiving and select us as your cause!

Raise money with JustGiving

Great people doing great things

For herbalist Maria Billington, her local council-owned community space was the perfect place for people to come together and transform a neglected patch.

Offering educational experiences for young people and being a real source of pride for the community, it was devastating when a lack of funding threatened everything they had built.

At this point Maria was struggling to find a solution and came across our free Community Camp course programme. This proved a turning point to help Maria take her project forward. Dubbed what Maria calls ‘the Eden effect’, our Community Camp courses have helped over 1,000 community organisers do amazing things where they live.

Getting in touch

Would you like some help or want to ask a question? Give us a call or drop us a message on 01726 811910 or at fundraising@edenproject.com