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The kindness of selfless volunteers helps charities and communities flourish.

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The power of volunteers

All across the United Kingdom, there are thousands of community projects which simply could not exist without the amazing support, skills and time given by volunteers.

Whether it’s sorting out donations to a food bank, planting bulbs in a community garden or providing a kind, listening ear to someone in need, volunteers are both incredible and extremely important. Of all the reasons to volunteer, most people say they do so because they want to help others.  

Here’s how to volunteer in your community and help your volunteers to thrive.

There’s still time to hold a Big Lunch

Our pack is still available and it’s full of handy downloadable resources and exclusive content to help you plan and host your Big Lunch.

We can’t wait to see where your Big Lunch might take you!

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How to recruit and manage volunteers

Bringing people together in your community is much easier if you have support from others. Recruiting some volunteers can help to share the workload, provide moral support and that lovely warm fuzzy feeling of achieving brilliant things as part of a team.

If you’re hoping to bring your community together and need support from volunteers to make it happen, we’re here to help.


Recruit volunteersManage volunteers


How to start volunteering in your community

  1. Research to see if there are any existing initiatives in your area, such as food banks, toddler groups or a community centre. These are often volunteer-led so get in touch – from our experience, they always welcome more help!
  2. Get in touch with a local or national charity. They often have lots of regional opportunities and the Co-op’s Co-operate site has a handy postcode search to find volunteering opportunities near you.
  3. If you’re looking for something less formal, why not post on your local neighbourhood WhatsApp, Facebook or Nextdoor group and ask if anyone needs support? That could be nipping to the shops, mowing a lawn or just popping over for a cuppa.
  4. Have you identified a need in your community and want to set up a project? We’ve got everything you need to get started
  5. Volunteer with a Big Lunch! Setting up or helping with a Big Lunch is a wonderful way to build connections and friendships in your community. Our free packs include everything you need to get started.


Start a community projectVolunteer with a Big Lunch

Laura wanted inspiration, an idea that would bring her neighbours together and allow connections to form, but she didn’t know where to start. After hearing about The Big Lunch and chatting to people who had similar community get-togethers, Laura decided that inviting her street to come together for friendship, food and fun was the way forward.

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