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Your little list for looking after nature activity and guide

Here are some easy ways and starter steps for young people to engage in environmental social action and help nature…

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External link to Live lesson from the rainforest with Eden Project and WWF-UK

Watch our live lesson from the rainforest with Eden Project and WWF.

Cherwell Collective carbon costing resources

Carbon costing resources from Cherwell Collective

Discover how to calculate how much carbon is in the food you're eating.

Boys running with a football, boy carrying road closed ahead sign

Close a road

If you're thinking of holding a Big Lunch on your street and you want to close the road, it’s best…

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What is a CIC?

A CIC is a Community Interest Company. Discover more about community interest companies, when and how you should set one…

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Free teaching resources

Working with children? We have a great selection of resources for Key Stages 1 to 4 to help you involve pupils at different ages…

take good care of yourself

Free e-cards to brighten up your day

Download our free uplifting virtual postcards for yourself or share with others.

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Assess health and safety

Some councils may ask you for a risk assessment for your community event. Here's some simple tips to get you…

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Contact local media

Contacting local newspapers, magazines, radio and newsletters is a good way of letting people in your community know about your…

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Get film and photography consent

If you are taking any photos or films of your project or event to share with the general public or…

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How to create a blog for your project

Blogging can be a great way to connect with other people interested in or would like to get involved with…

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How to create a website for your project

A website can help make your activities or group look professional and official — it can create a home and…

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How to create an e-newsletter for your project

A dedicated newsletter for your group or project is a useful way of keeping people up to date on what’s…