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Carbon costing resources from Cherwell Collective

Discover how to calculate how much carbon is in the food you're eating.

Calculate the carbon cost of food

Use these handy resources to learn about seasonal food and how to calculate their carbon cost.

Emily smiling at the camera with a plate of vegetables.

About Cherwell Collective

Cherwell Collective aims to empower the community to reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint. They do this by:

  • directly distributing food surplus via Cherwell Larder Marketplace
  • repurposing food surplus in their cafe, Climatarian Kitchen
  • growing food for the community in Harvest @ Home
  • repurposing other non-food items with the Waste Innovation Station

They also provide key educational resources related to climate change and ways ordinary consumers can contribute to mitigating climate change.

Community is how we create the future we want. There are so many people with so many skills and so much knowledge to share.

Emily Connally, Cherwell Collective