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Organise a Love Where You Live week

Share the best things about your neighbourhood and foster a sense of local pride in your fellow residents. Get your local community to share their favourite places and encourage people to look at where they live with fresh eyes with a Love Where You Live Week event.

What you will need

  • Something to tag those special places with so other people can find them. You could use luggage labels, a piece of ribbon — anything so long as it can be removed without damage.
  • Some advertising and a place to distribute the tags, or put them in an envelope with some instructions and post them through your neighbours’ doors.
  • A few sample tags to get things going: tag a few places you love in your neighbourhood, it could be a tree, a piece of graffiti, a place where the light falls at a certain time of day, a place where kids can hang out and play or an old wall.



1) Pick a date

Choose a week or a month for the activity to take place in. If you’re doing this over the summer, the annual Love Parks Week may be a good time — and you could share and publicise your activities on their website.


2) Start early

Advertise the dates well in advance.


3) Do a launch

Perhaps you could launch at your Big Lunch event?


4) Share your photos

Get people to take photos and post them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #lovewhereyoulive or #loveglasgow or #lovetruro (you might like to create a special social media account for your post code or community to follow.) At the end of the week or month remind people to take their tags away and do a clear-up to be on the safe side.


5) Create a space

If you fancy, create a central area where people can write their hopes and wishes for the area — whether these are tags around tree branches, post its on a wall or scribbles on a chalk board.

Where to start

If a week-long Love Where You Live event seems like a daunting thing to start with, why not begin by doing this as a covert activity?

Populating your community with notes about all of the things you love will make other people smile and foster a sense of pride.

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