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Big Lunch resources

Discover our resources to help you plan and host your Big Lunch

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How to get insurance for your Big Lunch or project

If you need insurance for your event, take a look at the following guidance to help you get started.

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Weather-proofing your Big Lunch

What if it rains (or really, really shines) on your parade?

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Seek council support

If you're running an event in your community it can be a good idea to get your local council on…

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Grow food for your Big Lunch

Learn all about what to grow and when with our guides and top tips - just in time for a…

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Make a film

A great way to share the experience of being part of your project or event is to film it. Here…

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Assess health and safety

Some councils may ask you for a risk assessment for your community event. Here's some simple tips to get you…

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Contact local media

Contacting local newspapers, magazines, radio and newsletters is a good way of letting people in your community know about your…

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Tips for a last-minute Big Lunch

Feeling a little late to the party, but want to get involved in The Big Lunch this year? Don't panic,…

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How to host a Big Lunch at work

You can host your own Big Lunch whenever and wherever you like! Hosting a Big Lunch at work is a…

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The Big Lunch FAQs

Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Tips for a safe and inclusive Big Lunch

Seeing your community come together to share food and chat to one another is one of the real joys of…

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Five ways organisations can join in with The Big Lunch at Christmas

There are lots of ways your business, school or community group can join in with The Big Lunch at Christmas…