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Big Lunch resources

Discover our resources to help you plan and host your Big Lunch

Children drawing on the street with chalk

Big Lunch ideas for groups

These Big Lunch activities are perfect for groups and schools. They can be created before the Big Lunch or as…

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How to fundraise with The Big Lunch

Raise money for a cause that matters to your community. These top tips can be used throughout June's Month of…

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How to get insurance for your Big Lunch or project

If you need insurance for your event, take a look at the following guidance to help you get started.

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Grow food for your Big Lunch

Learn all about what to grow and when with our guides and top tips - just in time for a…

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Where to hold your Big Lunch

Want to hold a Big Lunch but not quite sure what form you want it to take? Events don't be…

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Contact local media

Contacting local newspapers, magazines, radio and newsletters is a good way of letting people in your community know about your…

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Close a road

If you're thinking of holding a Big Lunch on your street and you want to close the road, it’s best…

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Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Social media isn't just geared towards an individual’s social life. These networks can also have a social purpose, helping foster…

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How to create a blog for your project

Blogging can be a great way to connect with other people interested in or would like to get involved with…

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Tips for a last-minute Big Lunch

Feeling a little late to the party, but want to get involved in The Big Lunch this year? Don't panic,…

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Write an article

Here are some tips on how to write that perfect article to get the word out about your project.

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How to create a website for your project

A website can help make your activities or group look professional and official — it can create a home and…