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Make a film

A great way to share the experience of being part of your project or event is to film it. Here are our top tips.

Most of us have video cameras on our phones so it’s easier than ever to capture those magic moments. With over five years’ experience of filming at Big Lunches and other events for Eden Project Communities, Sound View Media now reveal their top tips on how to make a film worth sharing.


Think first

Before you start, think about what you want to shoot. It’s easy to randomly shoot scenes without actually capturing what you want.


Frame it

Think about the framing of the shot and what you want to convey. How can you make it more interesting?


Keep still

Steady shots are key; think of ways of making sure the camera is still.


Hold it

Hold your shot, make sure you capture what you’re filming for long enough, it’ll feel like a long time when you’re shooting but when you play it back it may not be long enough. Why not count to ten?


Quiet please

Remember sound — make sure you are in a quiet environment and are close to your subject.


Light it

Be aware of the light conditions. If it’s dark can you add any more light? Beware of shooting directly into the light as that’ll just create silhouettes and shadows.


Enjoy it

Filming your event is fun!


Own it

Don’t forget to get the relevant permissions from everyone taking part, download and print our posters and content templates.

Don’t forget to share your films with us — keep us in the frame via InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

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