8 ways to use Nextdoor to promote your Big Lunch

8 ways to use Nextdoor to promote your Big Lunch

Organise your Big Lunch using the Nextdoor App!

What better way to make your Big Lunch one the neighbourhood will remember than by hosting it with the people closest to you? Get your neighbours involved, start baking those cakes and come together at Nextdoor.co.uk

Nextdoor is an app for smart phones (or can be accessed on laptop or PC too) and is dedicated to connecting people in their local towns and villages. 

Download the App

So, you’ve got your Big Lunch pack, now it’s time to get organising! Start by downloading the Nextdoor app (or by visiting the website on desktop) and signing up in your neighbourhood. It’s quick and easy to sign-up, just pop in your postcode and Nextdoor will connect you to people in your local area. 

Find ideas and inspiration

Whether it’s a Big Big Lunch or a sofa-soiree with a nice cup of tea, you can find plenty of ideas from your neighbours on how to celebrate this June in your local Nextdoor newsfeed. Post a question or suggest an idea using the post composer - you can also respond to posts from other neighbours and join in the conversation. 


Break the ice

Worried about breaking the ice with new neighbours? The Month of Community is a perfect excuse to meet or reconnect with the people in your neighbourhood. A quarter of Brits have said getting to know neighbours virtually first would help real-life meetings happen faster! Nextdoor is a safe, trusted environment to get to know your neighbours and your newsfeed will be dedicated to the people and places in your community. 

Get together in a group!

If you fancy hosting a Big Lunch this year, or have other ideas for a good bash, use Nextdoor Groups to start a group and get some of your local neighbours in on the plan - or you can use the search function to find and join an existing group and give them some of your own great ideas. 

Check out the 'For Sale and Free' section

Need some extra tables and chairs? Maybe a cake stand or two? The Nextdoor For Sale and Free section is the perfect place for you. You can browse items in your local area or search for something specific and get hold of all those important bits and bobs to make your celebration one to remember. 

Check with local authorities for rules when organising the day - like whether you need to close a road

If you’re going big for your Big Lunch (although a cuppa in a front garden is perfect too!) make sure you look out for messages and information from your local council on any rules around street parties and closing roads. Nextdoor partners with hundreds of UK councils, police forces and even the UK Government to provide local, timely and relevant updates for your nearby area.  

See what others are planning for the day

Curious about what other people have already planned? Use the Search bar on Nextdoor for events in your area and you never know what you might find. There are loads of small businesses, neighbours and councils who are busy planning their celebrations with events, local deals and Big Lunches on Nextdoor. So if you don’t fancy hosting something yourself, find out what else is going on that you can go along to on the day. 

Send out the invites!

Don’t forget to invite people! Whether it’s a post, video or picture, or a lovely handmade invite to your very own Big Lunch that you pop through people’s letterboxes, inviting your neighbours to celebrate the Month of Community with you is ultimately what it’s all about. There are even invitations in your Big Lunch pack to make telling your neighbours super easy!

Nextdoor is here to help you connect with the people around you and is a great way to reach community-minded people. Head over to Nextdoor and start planning your Big Lunch!