2 February 2023

Here are our top tips for breaking the ice and inviting neighbours, old and new, to your Big Lunch!

1. Use the invites in your pack 

Once you've got your free Big Lunch pack, you can personalise the invites and send them digitally, or print them out and pop them through letterboxes. Whatever works best for you!

2. Share on the Nextdoor or Facebook

Have you thought about using the Nextdoor App? It's made for neighbours to share local tips, buy and sell items and more. And you can always create events on Facebook or use WhatsApp to spread the word too. 

3. Put up posters and flyers

Whilst the internet can be a great tool to share news, not everyone uses it. Make your event open and accessible to to everyone by putting up a couple of posters or flyers on public noticeboards. 

The Big Lunch is all about helping people get to know each other. But remember, it doesn't need to be big, or even involve lunch - it's getting together that counts and people are your number one ingedient. 

We found The Big Lunch and just went for it! About 50 people came and everyone said it was such a good idea... Once the ice had been broken, community spirit quickly grew among the neighbours, with the creation of WhatsApp and Facebook groups to keep everyone in touch, and regular chats are now the norm!