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Councils and housing bodies can play a huge role in creating and fostering strong, connected communities. The rewards are huge – safer neighbourhoods, reduced social isolation, community pride, to name just a few. In turn, these rewards help to relieve pressure on other areas of the council.  

As a council or housing body, you can support the campaign by promoting The Big Lunch and supporting residents that take part. And those that do will reap the community benefits!

Getting involved is simple – register your council or housing association using our registration form for more information and to identify your council as a Star Council. You can also find key resources and advice below. 

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Hammersmith & Fulham is fully supportive of The Big Lunch because it fits with many of the councils’ values, such as encouraging civic pride, doing things ‘with not to’ residents and being a compassionate council.

Why The Big Lunch matters for communities in your area

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of organisers said it had a positive impact on their community

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people were less lonely as a result

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said the rising cost of living means The Big Lunch is more important than ever

Four ways you can support The Big Lunch

1) Spread the word

Promote The Big Lunch externally and internally – talk to your appropriate teams including communities, neighbourhoods, highways, tenancy/customer involvement and diversity teams. Ask them to encourage people and community groups in your area to get involved with The Big Lunch. 

Find resources for promotion

  • Browse our key resources to find sample text for your website, newsletter and template social posts.  
  • Encourage residents to request their free Big Lunch pack, full of tips and resources to help with their planning. 
  • Share our posts on social media and use @edencommunities across social channels 
  • Use or create a public services account on Nextdoor – a great communication channel for reaching neighbourhoods.

2) Reduce red tape for road closures

If you’re a council, reducing red tape for road closures is a great way to support The Big Lunch. Council traffic managers and highways teams may receive higher volumes of temporary road closure applications for The Big Lunch weekend 1-2 June. We advise event organisers to read our road closure guidance and contact their local council ASAP. 

Help reduce barriers for Big Lunch street parties by: 

    • providing clear guidance and simple forms for road closure applications 
    • publicising application deadlines early and across all your relevant communications 
    • grouping multiple applications together under a single traffic management order if possible 
    • providing grants for communities unable to meet the costs, or linking organisers to local businesses willing to lend support 

3) Run an event in your community

Lots of councils and housing associations run their own Big Lunch events, as well as encouraging residents to hold their own. It’s a great community engagement tool and way to encourage inclusivity.

Our free digital pack and resources will help you organise an event for your residents, at a time to suit you during the Month of Community.  

South Willesborough and Newtown Community Council held a community street party with a record number of local residents attending. Could your council do something similar?

4) Cover the cost of insurance

If you recommend street party organisers take out public liability insurance, could you help with the costs?

In 2022 and 2023, Portsmouth City Council worked with us and our insurance partners Creative Risk to arrange and pay for blanket cover for street parties across the city. Get in touch if you would like to discuss this. 

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Star councils

Council support, to encourage participation in The Big Lunch and help events run smoothly, remains as important as ever. We work with authorities of all levels and to recognise those which make a particular effort to support The Big Lunch, we create a list of Star Councils each year.

See 2023’s Star Councils

When you register your council’s interest in The Big Lunch, we’ll ask you a few questions about your plans, which will help determine if you’re eligible to be a star council.

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Housing teams and bodies

Housing associations and tenant and resident involvement teams can play a key role in promoting and supporting neighbourliness. Since starting in 2009, Big Lunches have been organised by housing staff and tenants in courtyards and greens, as well as traditional street parties.  

Notes for councils in Northern Ireland

Thank you for your interest in The Big Lunch and Month of Community. If you would like to do more with us or need resources with a more local flavour please speak to our small but very helpful team who are keen to hear from you.

We know that you want to encourage local citizens to feel a strong sense of community and to be more involved in community planning and other local activity. By supporting people to come together where they live you can really enable this and we are always keen to support local people to navigate local road closure requirements.

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