Merlin Blockley - Wales

“You can achieve amazing things when you’re part of a team that seem impossible when you’re standing alone.”


Merlin Blockley (26) from Llanidloes, mid Wales, works on his family farm where he grew up. Merlin went to a special school and graduated from Glasshouse College, Stourbridge, where he studied crafts.

Day to day, Merlin can be found doing jobs about the farm on his quad bike, and when he’s not working he spends his time doing woodwork and a variety of crafts. His skills range from traditional weaving to glass blowing too. Merlin is also a keen cook, and is known for his delicious pizzas and home made bread. The latest project the twenty-six year old has taken on is the launch of a café on the farm which he runs out of his old school bus that he bought!

Inspirational Determination

One of Merlin’s favourite things is to be outdoors. He walks his dog every day and cares for the farm’s hens too. Merlin is no stranger to physical challenges and took on the Duke of Edinburgh Award despite having difficulty with his balance. Merlin said: “It was very hard at the time, but it gave me a great sense of achievement afterwards. I really enjoyed being part of a team to do something that none of us could have achieved on our own.” Merlin has Cerebral Palsy and is dealing with cancer, but his inspirational determination has lead him to take on The Great Big Walk and push himself again; “I’m most looking forward to seeing places I’ve never seen before and meeting lots of new people. I don’t really feel nervous about anything to be honest!”.