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John Bishop shares “Say Hello” campaign during The Month of Community

Comedian John Bishop is joining forces with the Month of Community initiative to encourage people to “Say Hello” and make new connections with their neighbours, celebrate some great causes and help build stronger communities across the UK.  

Each year, we support The Month of Community and spend the whole of June celebrating those who focus on creating connected and supportive community networks. This includes Volunteers’ Week, Neighbourhood Watch Week, Carers’ Week, The Great Get Together, Loneliness Awareness Week, Great Big Green Week and more!

We’re lucky to benefit from the support of Comedian John Bishop, who launched his “Say Hello” campaign during his recent ‘Right Here Right Now’ UK tour, to encourage audience members to wear badges with the words, “Say Hello” written on them. The idea was to help people start conversations and make new connections by simply saying “hello” to one another.

John Bishop introduces his “say hello” campaign – encouraging people to break the ice and make human connections at his gigs.

It feels to me like the days of saying hello to strangers in the street, on a bus, or at the park have sadly pretty much become a thing of the past. Most of us have spent too much time on our own over the past two years or so and now is the moment to get back out there; make connections with people young and old, near or far. The ‘Say Hello’ campaign is all about making it that little bit easier to just, well… ‘Say Hello’.

John Bishop

Organisers of events across The Month of Community, or anyone who wants to get involved, will be able to download and print out their own “Say Hello” badges.


Print your “Say Hello” badges


The Month of Community is an idea that grew out of the UK’s annual Big Lunch initiative and is a collaborative approach that brings together a whole coalition of community groups and some of the UK’s best-known charities who all focus on building supportive, better connected communities where people know one another better.

Peter Stewart, Executive Director of the Eden Project, which is behind The Big Lunch initiative, said:

“John’s ‘Say Hello’ initiative aligns perfectly with the Month of Community which is all about supporting our communities and making connections with the people around us. June is a special month when we can focus our attention on reaching out to one another to create better connected, stronger communities – from The Big Lunch and Refugee Week to Thank You Day and Small Charities Week and many more besides. The simple idea of saying hello to people is a positive step we can all take to start a good old fashioned conversation – that’s why it’s so brilliant to include the idea as part of the Month of Community.”

For the first ever Month of Community in 2021, over 15 million people took part and in coming years it’s going to be even bigger and better. Jam-packed with brilliant causes, this June will see millions get together with their neighbours, with Volunteers’ Week, Loneliness Awareness Week, Great Big Green Week and many more charities getting involved. Don’t forget you can also order your free Big Lunch pack and enjoy a get-together at any time throughout the Month of Community and beyond!

So don’t miss out, join in this June – from saying cheers to volunteers, connecting with your neighbours, supporting a cause you care about, or simply saying thank you, it’s all part of the Month of Community!


Join in with the Month of Community