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15 ideas to improve community spirit

Here are 15 ideas to help community spirit soar high all year round.

1) Host a Big Lunch

You can hold a Big Lunch anytime, anywhere! Whether it’s a chat over a slice of cake or a full dinner, come together to share somefriendship, food and festive fun and you’ll give your commnity spirit a real boost. 


2) Start a private WhatsApp, Facebook or Nextdoor group for your street

Share ideas, have discussions and stay in the loop with each other. You could drop a card through everyone’s door asking if they’d like to be added. If you don’t know everyone’s names yet, ask all members to ask their neighbours left and right so that eventually everyone’s been invited.


Two woman talking having a cup of tea


3) Start a Monthly Meet Up

This can be in a format that suits your neighbourhood. Perhaps it’s in the church hall at the end of the street, or maybe you take it in turns to host – with a different theme each time! It could be potluck dinners, wine and cheese nights or even Sunday brunch! From here you can discuss further projects, clubs and fun activities.


4) Spread a little kindness

If you haven’t got time to organise an event or start an initiative, don’t worry! A little goes a long way when it comes to boosting community spirit. Simply bringing in the neighbours’ bin, leaving out surplus fruit and veg, baking and toys or offering to take their dog for a walk are lovely ways to spread a little kindness – and without spending a penny.


5) Have a Street Swap day

One neighbour’s trash is another one’s treasure. Organise a morning where people can put out good quality items they no longer want, free to go to a good neighbour’s home!


6) Sign up to Streetbank

Streetbank is a website that lets groups create a bank of handy items—think ladders, backpacks, trailers etc. where people can borrow items easily, and also request items to easily ask if one exists in their community.


7) Start a community project

Think of something your group can take ownership of and be proud of: maybe a communal veggie garden, an art project, a walking school bus, or a phone booth book swap! A perfect way to give your community spirit a boost. We’ve got lots of advice and inspiration to help you start a community project.


Two women Graffitiing woman's face on a brick wall


8) Look after your elderly and vulnerable neighbours

See if anyone in your neighbourhood would benefit from help with shopping, appointments or home maintenance. Or perhaps they’d just like someone to pop over for a cup of tea once in a while! If you’re happy to reach out, you could always post a friendly note through letterboxes to let them know how they could get in touch.


9) Have a street working bee

Get together and have a street clean up and gardening day—pick up litter, weed hedges and footpath edges, remove or paint over graffiti—then celebrate your sparkling clean street with a shared meal. Find more tips for making your community greener.


people on a street painted with different coloured walls


10) Arrange a play day for the kids

Plan some fun activities—maybe the ‘Fun Olympics’ in a local park or hall so that children of the neighbourhood get to know each other and make new friends.


11) Create a ‘Street scrapbook’

Gather stories, photos, clippings, drawings and quotes etc. from all neighbours and create a scrapbook that captures the community’s spirit—add to it or create a new one each year to reminisce over in future years.


12) Walk together

Getting active is easier when there’s a group waiting for you. Start a group for regular walking, whether it’s a pre-work power walk, a mid-morning march or a sun-down saunter! During the darker months, you could organise a living advent calendar in your neighbourhood and host a walk to discover all the windows.


day one of house advent calendar


13) Volunteer together

Identify a cause you’re passionate about and get to know each other while giving back!


14) Fundraise for community improvement

Organise a weekly raffle, mow lawns, clean cars, sell cakes—you get the idea—to raise money for a community initiative that will make you all happier. Maybe a neighbourhood picnic table, a children’s playground area, a neighbourhood marquee or BBQ, or a base kitty so you’re sorted when a need arises. We’ve got some ideas to help you get started on fundraising for your community.


15) Look for community funding opportunities

Keep your eyes peeled for pots of community funding to help you with your projects. Start with Funding Central and your local council, and make sure to keep an eye on social media too. Read our advice on how to find funding for your community.