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10 random acts of kindness to brighten someone’s day

As Vincent van Gogh wisely said ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together'. A single random act of kindness could set off a chain reaction of goodwill, so here are some favourite ideas to keep your karma chameleon green and happy, and your community trading in kindness all year round.

1) Offer to babysit

If you know parents with young children that you suspect are feeling overwhelmed, why not ask them if they want the evening off to go out for dinner, and afternoon to run errands in peace, or even just catch up on that much needed sleep?


2) Give the gift of a compliment

Everybody needs to be reminded of their better qualities now and again; it’s what keeps us striving to be better people. Leaving people with a smile on their face may give them the positive energy to do something good for someone else down the line. A perfect random act of kindness idea!


3) Organise a bring and share work lunch

So many of us sit at our desks for lunch and eat our meals alone that we’ve forgotten how eating together can make us happier! Suggest this and you may find others have been waiting for the opportunity to have a chat over lunch or try out some new recipes.


4) Write a letter to an old friend

We all know at least one person who we could speak to for hours at a time, but has unfortunately drifted away. Don’t let the excuse of time, distance or even a small argument get in the way of something worth reviving, there’s no harm in trying!

Older lady talking to a young girl with her face painted

5) Help carry someone’s bags

Everybody struggles around the supermarket or train station with something heavy (or with too many items) at some point. Be the person in the crowd who takes their headphones out and offers to share the load — it could be you in need one day.


6) Stop and chat

Having a catch up or introducing yourself to your neighbours is the first step to building community spirit. Step up from a simple conversation by taking round food you’ve made, or organise a Big Lunch.


7) Get outside

Break the routine and go exploring! Let nature take you away from the worries that you’ve got milling around your brain. Invite someone else who could also do with a dose of fresh air and you can turn it into a social event. Take it a step further and do a litter pick outside – cleaning up community spaces benefits everyone.


8) Grow your own

It’s time to get green! Not only will your veg taste better when you’ve grown it yourself, but it’s also been linked to improving mental and physical health. You can even spruce up your community with some flowers which will encourage people to care more about the things that surround them


9) Smile at people you don’t know

It’s amazing what a difference a smile from a stranger can make to your day.


10) Leave a book in a public place

Have you got a bookcase that’s overflowing? Do you want to share the great stories you’ve read? Try leaving the books around in public spaces like train or bus stations, or even in cafes (with the owner’s permission of course!) and you might start a local trend.

What would you add to the list?

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