Commonwealth Bunting

Commonwealth Bunting

Bunting provides an instant lift to any event, this paper version is super easy and quick to make.
Use our template

Download our template and save to your computer. Print as many copies as you will need, and cut out the bunting triangles along the dotted lines.

Space out your flags

Space your triangles evenly along the material you have chosen to string them on.  Ribbon or string works well for bunting; try to find fun colours and patterns to make your bunting stand out. You could even use old shoe laces or string — get creative!

Get sticking

Fix your flags to your ribbon using tape or a stapler, being careful to leave a good amount of free space either end for hanging your bunting.

Hang up

...and enjoy!

Don't forget to share pictures of your Commonwealth Big Lunch decked with bunting with us via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.