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Make your own crown

Download our handy crown template and decorate to your liking to create your very own crown, fit for royalty!

You will need

Top tip: rummage through your recycling for materials – use a cereal box to make your headband or swap tinfoil for shiny wrappers!

  • two A4 sheets of thick paper or card
  • felt tip pens or coloured pencils
  • tinfoil
  • embellishments to add some sparkle, like old or broken jewellery or pressed flowers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • sticky tape or a stapler
bunting two
Illustrative bunting string in teal and navy blue.




1) Download the template

Download and print this crown template onto one of the sheets of card. If you don’t have a printer, draw it out instead.

Template of a crown


Download and print crown template


2) Decorate your crown

Use pens or pencils to decorate the crown! Whatever takes your fancy.


3) Cover in sparkles

Cover in tin foil or sparkly materials to make it look fancy!


4) Create a headband

Use the second sheet of card to create your headband. Cut three horizonal strips (about 5cm wide) and tape or staple together to form one long strip.


5) Cut out your crown

Carefully cut out your decorated crown, add glue and stick in the centre of your headband.


6) Staple it

Wrap the band around your head and tape or staple to the correct size.


7) Show off your crown

Ta da! There you have it – your very own coronation crown, perfect for pictures at your Coronation Big Lunch.


We’d love to see what your crowns look like!

Share your photos with the team at (but make sure you get consent from anyone modelling your crowns first!).

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