25 July 2017

One of the things we know through our experience at the Eden Project is the power of a good story. It can transform both the teller and the listener, inspiring, creating connections and often staying with people long after the tale has been told. 

An elderly woman speaking to another woman on chairs.

Sharing stories at Community Camp

When we hold our Community Camps, one of the most powerful sessions we run is where people have a chance to share their own story. It takes courage to get up and share where you’ve come from, what you’re passionate about and why you do what you do. However, these sessions are often the highlight of camp, and the laughter and tears we share here deeply bond us as a group.

Sharing stories in Scotland

Here in Scotland we’re looking at developing people’s skills at telling the stories of their community projects. We’re bringing on a Storyteller to help us gain these skills, with the idea that those involved will be part of an exciting ‘Tales from the Community Heart’ event in late October.

Feel confident

We want to support people to feel confident about sharing their journeys and aspirations, whether it’s to other members of the community, outside audiences or funders. If you can tell a compelling tale you’re far more likely to gain buy in to what you’re doing and open doors. Your experiences can also often inspire others who have wanted to do something similar (or completely different!) but haven’t yet taken the chance.

As powerfully ordinary people doing extraordinary things, you, the network of amazing community minded folk we’re in touch with, hold the key to making the places we live better. Everyone we’re in touch with is an everyday hero, and one of our drivers is to make sure you’re recognised and supported in that.

Our plans

In Scotland we’ll be running two sessions with our storyteller in late August and early September, and also getting together on a regular basis through September to practice and refine our skills. In late October, we’ll put these to the test at a public facing event where we get to show the real power of what’s happening at Grassroots level in an evening of story and possibly, song.

If you’re interested in getting involved then please email ewatts@edenproject.com with ‘Stories’ in the title and I’ll get in touch directly to organise dates.

You, the network of amazing community minded folk we’re in touch with, hold the key to making the places we live better.