9 January 2017

Involved in The Big Lunch and live in the Scottish Highlands or Isles? Get involved in our Connected Communities: Highland and Isles project.

Children on space hoppers.

We are aware that a lot of our stories and highlights focus on activity through the Central Belt and we really want to cast our net wider and work with more people. Our hope is to focus on the great things happening in communities throughout the Highlands and Isles, so we’re proposing a project that will help us do just that.

The idea is that we will support people to set up mini Big Lunches in late February/early March to bring their community together. These gatherings will allow people to share stories about where they live, what’s been going on there and how it feels to take part in a get-together or community activity.

We’ll come and join you, give you a small catering budget and may be able to support you in hiring a venue if you don’t have access to a space that will work. We’d like to film some of the conversations and hope to hold events in six places across the Highlands and Isles. We’ll join them up by bringing along a special guest from one of the other places to each event, who will tell their story and listen to what you have to say about your own community.

We hope to make a film that we can use on our website and on social media as a way of sharing and passing on what you do where you live. We’ll bring our own special ‘Menu of Conversation’ to get things going and can provide you with help advertising your Wee Big Lunch.

What we ask of you is that you help us get people to the event, and act as our contact while we set things up together. We’ll also need a person from each place who is willing to go along to a neighbouring Wee Big Lunch – either from the Isles to the mainland or vice versa. We’ll pay travel and any associated accommodation costs for this, but it needn’t take more than a day of your time.

If you’re interested in being part of our Connected Communities: Highlands and Isles project please let us know. To express your interest, email our Scotland Country Manager Emily Watts at ewatts@edenproject.com.