Make your own Big Jubilee Lunch bunting!

Make your own Big Jubilee Lunch bunting!

Bring out The Big Jubilee bunting with our easy-to-use templates and guides - and our top planet-friendly tips.


Please note, we also have bunting templates especially for The Big Jubilee Lunch, so take your pick and choose whichever works best for your event!

I would like the original big lunch style templates


Read first - our how-to guide to making bunting

Never made bunting before?  No problem.  Check out our guide first.

Our guide to making your own bunting

The Big Jubilee Lunch A4 Bunting Templates

These bunting templates can be cut out to create different size bunting - large, medium, or small.  Whatever you fancy.  Choose your size or pattern, print and decorate, cut out and loop through string.


The Big Jubilee Lunch Icons for Bunting (Black and white)

These black and white templates can be printed out, cut out, then coloured in - a great way to get the kids involved!

Black and White ICON Templates

The Big Jubilee Lunch Icons for Bunting (Full colour)

These templates are in full colour - just print out, cut out and thread through string - easy as pie. 


The Big Jubilee Lunch Letter Templates (Black and white)

Print, decorate, cut out, then arrange your personalised message! 

Black and white letter templates

Got everything you need?


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