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Crown Biscuits by Nadia Sawalha

A simple crown biscuit recipe, ideal for a royal celebration!


For the biscuits:
  • 50g plain or milk chocolate
  • 180g unsalted butter
  • 180g golden caster sugar
  • 280g plain flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 1 medium egg
  • 1 large orange, finely grated zest
  • 4 tbsp Douwe Egberts Pure Gold coffee, dissolved in 2 tbsp water
To decorate:
  • Icing sugar
  • Jelly jewels or any other small sweets


Crown Biscuits by Nadia Sawalha
Step 1

Melt the chocolate in a small glass bowl over a pan of boiling water and leave to cool. Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.

Step 2

Sift the flour and baking powder together into the mix, adding the egg, orange zest and coffee. Beat well.

Step 3

Knead the dough until it forms a ball and cover tightly with clingfilm, chilling for an hour in the fridge.

Step 4

Preheat the oven to 180C/gas mark 4 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Step 5

Roll out the dough to the thickness of a pound coin. Use a crown-shaped cutter (available from lots of shops) to cut out shapes and place on the baking sheet.

Step 6

Bake for 10 minutes, then leave to cool on a wire rack for at least 30 minutes. Finally, decorate your crown biscuits until your heart’s content.

Nadia Sawalha

A huge thank you Nadia for this recipe!