Your course runs over 2 sessions, 4 & 11 March, and takes place from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

For our first session we’ll explore everyone’s stories as we think about our communities and the positive changes we’d like to make, see and do. No matter where you are on your journey, everyone has a story and sharing yours is a great way to grow connections, engage others and get excited about what’s next.

During our second session we’ll consider how to keep people at the heart of your project, how to attract supporters and where to find support.

To close, we’ll look at next steps together and discuss how you can keep yourself and your ideas going strong!

There will be time to reflect on your community (people and place), explore creative ways to bring about change and recognise the things you love about where you live.

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I felt for the first time in my life that I was surrounded by people who shared that ‘fire in your belly’ feeling when you are passionate about something that you want to do to improve the lives of others. It was a hive of positivity, of people who were willing to be open and share knowledge with complete strangers just because they wanted to help!


Get ready for the sessions

Read the information below before your first session.

Joining the sessions on Zoom

If you’re successful, you’ll receive a link to register for the sessions, taking place on Zoom, in your welcome email.

You use the same link to join all 5 sessions – so keep it handy or add it straight into your online calendar!

If you’re struggling to join a session, contact and we’ll help you out.

What you need for the sessions

For most sessions, you’ll need a pen and paper and resources from your Welcome Pack (which you’ll receive in the post before the first session).

We’ll let you know in each session if there’s something to bring for the following one.

After the course finishes, you’ll have access to all resources, useful guides and further information.

Connections and safeguarding

During the course you’ll meet new people and we want people to make connections safely and comfortably.

We recognise that that is different for different people. So please only share personal details or personal experiences that you are happy to share, and respect people’s confidentiality in conversations, private messages and breakout rooms.

There will always be a designated member of the team on each session who will be there to help anyone if they feel uncomfortable at any time.

Recording and photography

We may record each session, for sharing with you after the course for you to look back on’. Links to the sessions will only be shared with other participants.

Please note: your name (and number if you dial in) will appear on the screen and in the recording.  You can change this when you join the session (or in your Zoom account beforehand, if you have one) – we can help you if you’re not sure how to do this.

We may also take photographs, but we will let you know before we do. If you would prefer not to appear, please turn your video off while we take them. We may use these images for marketing purposes, including on social media. 

Meet the team

Find out more about the lovely people who are leading the course.

Tracey Robbins, Eden Project Communities Head of UK Delivery

Tracey Robbins

Head of UK Delivery

Darren Kench

Darren Kench

Community Network Developer, Central England

Lucy Abbott

Lucy Abbott

Community Network Developer, London and the South East of England

Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans

Community Network Developer, Wales

Martin Quigley

Martin Quigley

Community Network Developer, Scotland

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Funded by The National Lottery

Thanks to the generous support of our core programme funder, The National Lottery, we’re able to run this fantastic ‘Introduction to Community Action’ course to empower and inspire budding community organisers around the country.

Through our ongoing partnership with The National Lottery Community Fund, the hard work of our team at Eden and the money raised by National Lottery players, we’re on a mission to help the UK connect with their communities.

We’re excited to meet you