Planning for the weather

We know planning for the weather is near impossible and in the UK it can be hit and miss, but it's worth thinking about how it might impact your event, and what you could do should it rain on the day! 

If you're planning an outdoor event, think about wet weather options in advance...

  • Is there space to shelter nearby?
  • Would you be able to use a community centre or church hall at short notice? 
  • Could you fit marquees or gazeebos in your space? 

Many people will have equipment like this gathering dust in their shed, so ask around before your event to see what resources are available should you need them. Don't be discouraged if you have to change the location of your event, once you’ve got a slice of cake in one hand and a cup of tea in the other the weather will soon be forgotten!

Make the most of the rain: grab your wellies and waterproofs and share a brolly with your neighbour. Break the ice by indulging in one of our national pastimes - discussing the weather. For the daredevils amongst you, puddle jumping and water fights will never be more acceptable. Keep aside some dry clothes, towels and a vat of hot chocolate and go to town! Hold a competition for the most outlandish rain-proof outfit, or a welly decorating contest.

Embrace the perks of a rainy day - no wasps - and take it from Big Luncher Jim that you can have a fantastic day regardless of the weather:

Well it rained and it rained, and then it rained more, but we had a great time! It is amazing what a few drinks and a few gazebos can make you overcome.

Blessed with sunshine? You lucky thing! If the sun is shining and you're organising an outdoor event, make sure to use an SPF, drink plenty of water and find some shade during the hottest part of the day. Although sunburn will help you identify people who've been at your event so you can wave hello the next day, it's not the safest way to create community spirit!

The main thing is not to get too worried about the weather; it's out of your control so all you can do is prepare as much as is practical and let nature take its course. Either way, you will still have a wonderful day, we promise! 

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