What's happening in September?

Little girl

Friday 4 September, 9.30am

Join us for the last Deep Roots, New Shoots, 'Explore and Talk' online session where our early years experts share ideas to get under-5s exploring and talking about what they see.  This week, a super fun session where we will be using our bodies to explore a space, with songs to keep us moving. 

No registration required, just join in! More details and free resources here.  

Thursday, 17 September - 12:30-13:45

Join us on 17 September a month ahead of World Food day to share recipes for great projects and events that have nourished your community and brought people together. Bring your lunch, and lets share our knowledge and ideas with each other. Find out more about World Food day which is on October 16 September and help us plan our offer and think about what we could all do safely in these exceptional circumstances.

Monday 21 September - 3-4.30pm

Join a conversation with Adam Murray from RSPB to find out how to inspire more people to take meaningful action to tackle the nature and climate crisis – we can only save nature if enough of us care and act together!

During this session, you’ll have a chance to share what nature has meant to you, especially this year, and we will talk about all the different ways you can take #ActionForNature. Come along and feel inspired and learn really practical tips and ideas that you can apply in your own communities.

21 September

Observed around the world, the International Day of Peace is 'commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.'

Wednesday 23 September -12:30-13:30

Join us for our bi-weekly network meet-ups in the virtual world – an open and welcoming space for all of us to come together.

23 September - 

Wednesday 23 September - 13:00 – 14:30pm

We know that kindness matters, and over the past 6 months many of us have witnessed people and communities coming together in new ways to offer help and support. But what are the things that allow everyday relationships to happen, and that create the conditions for kindness to flourish? And what can we do to sustain some of the positives from Covid?