Walker Profile - Noel Johnston

Noel Johnston image.

Walk Route: Northern Ireland

‘I want to help demonstrate how powerful we can all be when we set our minds on achieving something out of the ordinary.’ 

Mr Motivator

Noel Johnston from Omagh, Belfast works as a self employed motivational coach and mentor. He has been an established member of his local community for over 10 years and loves to get involved, from raising money for local people to sports coaching.

Always one to jump at a new and exciting opportunity, Noel commented, ‘New experiences like this always create a desire in people to come out of the woodwork, get involved and help one another. For me, having the opportunity to meet and see the great work being done within communities around the country first hand is the only way to do it. Who does not want to meet new people and new challengers head on? To me that is living!’

Building a positive future

Noel, who self educates his daughter from home, told us that he is doing the walk to inspire her, ‘I want to show her that anything I do, she can surpass.’ He also can’t wait to meet new people on the walk and understand just how communities connect across the UK, ‘These are the people who are doing their best to promote a strong community feel in their local areas, with kindness and a sense of togetherness. The positive actions from one or two, is all it takes sometimes, to unite a community.’