The Big Lunch Podcast

Before lockdown, we were busy in the studio recording a Big Lunch podcast series with comedian Elis James, psychotherapist Lucy Beresford and some very special guests.

We've launched it ahead of The Big Virtual Lunch (6-7 June) which aims to bring people together and get the nation talking. 

Tune in - it’s a great excuse to grab a cuppa and take a break!  And if you'd like to get involved in The Big Virtual Lunch we've got lots of ideas, inspiration and free resources to help you get started. *Please note, this podcast was recorded before the UK went into lockdown.

Episode 1 - The Art of Conversation with Iain Lee

Elis James and psychotherapist Lucy Beresford speak with Iain Lee over crisps and dips. As research conducted by The Big Lunch finds that one in five people have gone more than a fortnight without a face-to-face conversation with someone outside their household, Iain shares his go-to conversation ice breakers. He also reveals why honesty is the most important thing to him in a chat, whilst Lucy explains the health benefits from talking face-to-face with someone, ready for us to take on board once current social distancing measures are relaxed.

Episode 2 - Mastering Confidence with Niall Aslam

TV's Niall Aslam joins Elis and Lucy for a chat over some sausage rolls and reveals how appearing on Love Island helped him shed his fear of rejection. Research from The Big Lunch shows that a quarter of the population say the pandemic has left them feeling vulnerable so Niall will be sharing his experiences of socialising whilst growing up with Asperger's, while Lucy Beresford explains how owning your identity can help you connect with others. 

Episode 3 - Making Connections with Patrick Grant

Elis James and Lucy Beresford chat with Great British Sewing Bee judge, Patrick Grant, as he explains how learning to make chapatis encouraged him to develop social connections with new people. Our research reveals that 57% of us are more likely to say hello and stop for a chat after lockdown, so Patrick shares his experience of how ditching convenience culture has helped him connect with people in the real world. Meanwhile, Lucy offers up practical advice on the small steps we can take to make new friends, and why our passions are a simple first step. 

Episode 4 - A Digital Detox with Gemma Styles

Gemma Styles chats with Elis and Lucy over a cheeseboard to discuss the impact social media and digital technologies has on our social lives and helpful tips to remind ourselves to take a break every now and then. Our research finds that 44% of us feel lockdown has had a negative impact on our mental health so Gemma will be revealing how she enjoys connecting with people in the real-world instead of over the phone. Lucy Beresford gives insights on why it's important to separate social media from reality in order to keep your mental health in check. 

Episode 5 - Food, Glorious Food with Mira Manek

Elis and Lucy chat with author and chef, Mira Manek, over cake about how cooking helps bring people together. Our research shows that, during lockdown, one in five of us are worried about the mental health of someone we know, so Mira explains how baking can be used to show people you're thinking about them. Meanwhile, Lucy will be discussing the positive psychological effects of receiving baked gifts. Mira also kindly shared her spicy quinoa stuffed peppers with sweet chilli pumpkin seeds recipe, perfect for a Big Lunch!