Thank your neighbour for being #ThereForMe

Thank your neighbour for being #ThereForMe

Spread some neighbourly joy

Shine a light on the lovely people in your community!

We live in increasingly uncertain times which makes being part of strong local communities even more important than ever*. So we've launched a new campaign, #ThereForMe, to help shine a light on the people in our neighbourhoods and communities who bring us together and give us support when we need it most.
From accepting deliveries and watering plants while you're away, to offering help and support in a crisis, we're inviting everyone to take this opportunity to recognise a special person or group in the busy run up to Christmas.

Who will you thank?

  • Simply post your story and thanks on Twitter with #ThereForMe, or on Facebook or Instagram tagging @edencommunities so we can see it
  • Encourage them to pass on the thanks to someone else
  • If you want to go a step further, spring a thank you surprise - take a picture or video with your someone special and post with #ThereForMe

Leading up to Christmas, in towns across the UK, we'll help a number of people to publicy thank the person they've nominated with special surprises, and we'll be celebrating ALL stories to highlight the huge shared value of having someone close by who is looking out for you.

Join in and make this season a celebration of neighbourliness and community!

Nadia Sawalha helped launch campaign, she said, "Having someone to look after the kids while you pop to the shops, borrowing things, keeping an eye on your home when you go on holiday, good neighbours are a real asset. That's why I'm backing this campaign to celebrate the great ones and give them a big public pat on the back." 

*Our new research showed that 48.5 million people in the UK think life feels more uncertain now than it did five years ago, and over 88% of people in the UK say it's important to have strong bonds in your community when life is uncertain.