14 February 2022

We can all spread a little love in our neighbourhoods, and the smallest actions can make the biggest difference. Here's our top tips to share some joy in your community.

1. Hiding books to connect with your community

We all have that one book that we urge our friends and family to read, and hope everyone will experience it like we have. If this sounds familiar, become a book fairy!

2. Get playful

Awaken your inner child and draw a hopscotch or giant snakes and ladders on the pavement in chalk. You’ll be surprised by how many people will have a go as they walk by – we can’t help ourselves!

3. Scatter seeds and plant flowers

Add a bit of colour to your neighbourhood, and help the planet too, by planting flowers. If you have an old pair of wellies, why not repurpose them as more interesting plant pots?

4. Create a rock snake

Find some rocks, shells or pebbles, and decorate them however you like. Maybe a message of support, or thanks, or a colourful painting. Place them in a public place where people can stop and enjoy them. Encourage your community to get involved by adding a sign and watch him grow!

5. Spread the love with hanging hearts

Felt hearts are not only fun to make, but can also put a smile on someone’s face. Choose some weird and wacky ways to decorate, add a message and leave them around your neighbourhood to make someone’s day.

6. Get creative

Are you a dab hand at painting? Do you have an affinity for knitting? Are you an expert at crafts? Make your street more colourful and share your art with people in small ways.

7. Clean up your local area

Grab a litter picker, and some gloves, and get started! Try to separate the rubbish as you go so you can recycle as much as possible. We’re pretty sure you’ll pick up a few litter picking friends along the way and soon your streets will be spotless!

8. Make faces

A bit of humour can go a long way. Make some googly eyes out of paper and add them on inanimate objects around your community. How can anyone be in a bad mood when a bin is giving you a goofy grin?

9. Hold a neighbourhood photo exhibition

Invite your neighbours to choose their favourite photos on a certain theme, to be displayed in their windows or in a local space.

10. Hold a Love Where You Live Week

Encourage your local community to share their favourite places, and see where you live with fresh eyes. Inspire pride where you live with a Love Where You Live Week.

Little actions can lead to bigger things, and hopefully these can bring some joy to your neighbourhood. We’d love to hear about what you’re doing. Let us know in our Facebook Community Group.