Tanita L. Addario from Aberdeenshire

Tanita from Aberdeenshire is thanking her mystery neighbour!

“I moved into my current home, four years ago, in a small village in Aberdeenshire. Working as a recycling officer in my previous job, I made sure to have the name of my house (as a sticker/decal) put on to our new wheelie bins so they were identifiable.

Since moving in, an unknown neighbour has always taken our bin right back to our door. This is regardless of the weather - rain, hail or snow! I have to drop my bin off for collection a street away from my door, so it is very kind that someone does us the favour of bringing it back to us.

I don’t know who it is, as I have never seen the neighbour who does this for us but it always makes me smile to see the wheelie bin back at my door after being emptied. They are #ThereForMe and make me feel part of the community.”