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Alternative advent calendar – the Scarf of Kindness

With advent calendars of all shapes and sizes flying off the shelves, we’re encouraging you to do something different with an alternative advent calendar.

Wrap your community up warm this winter with our cosy Scarf of Kindness – full of easy ways to carry out little acts of kindness, connect with others and spread joy.

Use our Scarf of Kindness during December as an alternative advent calendar together with your family, your friends or your colleagues. It’s a brilliant way to connect with each other and do some good for your community. 

It’s like a reverse advent calendar – rather than open a door or a box, you choose a section of the scarf (find some fun ideas below) and do your good deed. At the end of the season, you’ll have a legacy of kindness that echoes through your community. What better way to celebrate the season? 


Download your Scarf of Kindness

Ideas for using our Scarf of Kindness

  • Print it out and stick it on your fridge at home to share it with your family. Make sure to colour the scarf in as you go!
  • Pin our Scarf of Kindness up in a community space or share in a local group on social media and see how far kindness can spread. If you can, leave some space around it and encourage people to write their good deeds down or add photos to inspire others.
  • Cut out the title and each idea separately. Stick the title to the front of a jar and pop the ideas inside, then draw one out each time you need some inspiration.
  • Share it in a team meeting and ask everyone to pick one, or share it through your internal comms for an organisational-wide wave of kindness.
  • Use it to kick-start the new year with cheer – carry out acts of kindness in January (and beyond) when many people feel blue.
  • Play a game – roll a dice or counter and see which one it lands closest to.  

Share the love with our social media graphic

Share the love with our easy, shareable graphic for social media and WhatsApp. How many small acts of kindness can we collectively share and dish out this winter? 

Make sure to tag us in your photos on social media – @EdenCommunities on Facebook/X/Instagram/LinkedIn!

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