Organise a walk in your community

Whether you go for a stroll with a neighbour, a tour with your town — or anything in between, make sure you get behind The Great Big Walk this Spring!

If you're keen to organise a walk for your community, you can add it to our event hub, in partnership with The Great Get Together and Eventbrite. This will allow people to search for a Great Big Walk event in their area, and will allow you to keep track of how many people RSVP.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Create an event on Eventbrite with the time, location and details of your walk. Don't worry about ticket prices - if you select 'Free' then the 'Buy a ticket' button works as an RSVP function. 

2. Go to this page and select 'List your get together', then choose 'The Great Big Walk' from the options. Enter #GreatBigWalk when it asks for a hashtag.

3. Next to your event, choose 'Apply'. 

And voila, your event is in the directory. Feel free to share the event on social media using #GreatBigWalk to encourage people to join you. 

You can do the same to set up events for The Big Lunch and The Great Get Together.