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How to set up community-owned places and spaces

This e-book on community-owned spaces and places shows how new legislation means you can now own and flourish your own community spaces

Community businesses are at the heart of every community. They exist to provide for the needs of the locals, not for profit or as a means of exploiting a resource. As more face a lack of public funding and more public spaces are being sold off, we provide a helpful guide on how you can maintain many of these community institutions.

Changes in legislation mean it’s now easier to set up your own community assets or take over ones in need of revitalisation. Local people are now taking charge to ensure our communities are sustainable and resilient places to live, play and work. Don’t worry if this may seem a daunting task: this handy e-book lays out simple guidance that you don’t need a law degree to understand!

What the e-book covers:

  • What are community-owned spaces?
    • Why do people set up community assets and what are the benefits?
    • Lessons and examples on how to set up your own community assets.
    • Guides on the legal rights and mechanisms necessary to acquire community buildings, bid for land or bid to run local authority services.
    • An outline of community-led developments.
    • How to ensure your community asset is sustainable.

Download the Community-Owned Spaces and Places e-book