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Multiple Dates

Come along and join us for this casual, regular networking session, providing an opportunity to meet other community do-ers, talk about projects and ideas, seek support, and build connections with others across the South West and Central South of England!

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Making Creative Connections

20 July, 2pm

In this online event Cass Barron, community artist and bookbinder, will share her experience of running creative activities in an outdoor setting - using creativity as a means of connecting people with nature and each other.

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Covid Community Spirit banner

30 July, 10am

Most of us would like to see the back of Covid19, and while there is no doubt of the negative impact the pandemic has had on us as individuals as well as our communities, it’s also clear to see that our neighbourhoods saw an increase in community spirit from last March. In this interactive session we’ll chat about the positives that may not have happened in our communities without the Covid crisis and discuss how we can all harness and hold onto those positive vibes to support our communities.

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Virtual Living Room graphic

4 August, 12pm

Join us from your living room on the first Wednesday of every month for hopeful conversations over a cuppa.This Wednesday 4th August from 12pm-12:45pm, we will be chatting about if and how we may be coming together again in person, within our communities in the near future. This is a space for discussion, questions and friendly conversations.

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Grow Connections

11 August, 7pm

In this online event Manuela de los Rios will share her experience of being the Community Garden Mentor at the Maxwell Centre in Dundee, where she works with individuals and organisations to bring about positive changes to people's lives and natural environment through projects that involve growing food, art and action.

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Virtual Living Room graphic

1 September, 12pm

This session we're bringing together community minded individuals to talk about ways to reduce levels of food waste, redistribute food surplus and offer access to food for all within our communities. Come along if you want to get something started, have ideas to share, or are involved in a similar project. This is a space for discussion, questions and sharing ideas.

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Graphic showing Waste Not Want Not

8 September, 1pm

We warmly invite you to come and hear from three community initiatives working hard to address these pressing issues faced by our communities today. These initiatives not only reduce food waste and insecurity, they also share their resources, increase a sense of community and enable people to meet new friends!

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14 September, 7pm

Everyone loves a friend who's a good listener! Being listened to helps us feel accepted and included. But what does it mean to really listen to someone? In this interactive session we'll talk about what good listening really looks like, and how we can work through the distractions of a busy world to give someone our full attention.

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28 September, 7.30pm

Join the Network of Wellbeing (NOW), Eden Project Communities and a range of inspiring changemakers in the launch of an online series of events exploring the topic 'Does a Good Life Have to Cost the Earth?' What makes a ‘good life’? This is the launch event for a series of three events will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7.30-9pm on 28th September, 12th October and 26th October. You can choose to attend this event as a stand alone, or come to other events in the series.

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12 October, 7.30pm

Join the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) and Eden Project Communities for the second event in the series, 'Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth?'. We're also excited to be joined by an additional co-host for this event: the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing. During this webinar we explore how bringing communities together to tackle climate change can help to lower emissions while at the same time increasing wellbeing.

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26 October, 7.30pm

Join the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) and Eden Project Communities for the finale event in the series, 'Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth?' While there are important steps we can take on both personal and community levels to address the climate emergency, it is clear that bigger, systemic change is also needed to enable us to alter the current global climate crisis. What are the systemic changes needed to support the wellbeing of people, planet and future generations? 

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Missed it? Don't miss out!  Lots of our sessions are recorded and available to view.  Check out the list of previous sessions here.