Online Workshops

Join our free online workshops exploring all sorts of ideas and opportunities with community-minded people from across the UK

If you have a question or a suggestion for a future workshop, or would like to present, collaborate or share your story for an existing workshop, we’d love to hear from you! Email Lucy with thoughts and ideas. 

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These sessions are held on Zoom, to register please click on the links below,

Wednesday, 1 July - 12:30-13:30
This is our fortnightly networking session online for people from all over the UK. It is just for mixing and mingling, and sharing project stories, ideas and issues. We'd love to have you join us and introduce you to some new like-minded people from across Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.
Monday, 6 July - 10:30-12:00
Bringing people together online is our temporary new world. In doing so, we all want to make people feel included, relaxed and 'in the room' together to help break down the obvious barrier of being in our little boxes, quite literally! This session is designed to be interactive and a safe 'room' for participants. 

Tuesday, 7 July - 12:30-14:00

This online workshop will focus on confidence and how to cultivate it in the people around you.

The session will incorporate several small breakout sessions for small group conversations with community minded people from different parts of the UK, and practical small-group sessions where we can all try out different techniques and ideas for building the confidence of others.


Thursday, 9 July - 15:30-17:00

What do we know about community’s ability to build resilience and what can we learn from others who have had to response to a devastating crisis?

Join us for a shared screening and discussion of The Response: Restoring Power to the People – a 30 minutes award-winning ‘micro-budget’ documentary



If you can't join in, we'll share notes and recordings in our Previous Workshops archive, so check back after the event to see what happened!