Online Workshops

Join Eden Project Communities and community-minded people from across the UK in free online workshops exploring all sorts of ideas and opportunities. 

Next workshop: The Power of Imagination 

The moments when imagination is most important can often be the moments when it’s hardest to find. But if we can find ways to look at things differently, or invite the curiosity and perspectives of others, we can often discover amazing new ideas and approaches.

Come and join our free online workshop to discuss and share ideas for unlocking our collective imaginations and how to ask the sometimes scary question ‘What if…?’.

This will be a practical session - you'll be invited to share your experience, and have the chance to talk with and learn from others who are in the same boat. If you've not joined one of our online workshops before, they are really easy and relaxed, all are welcome!

To register and get joining instructions, click here.

To register and get joining instructions, click here.


To see recordings and notes from previous Online Workshops, take a look at our archive.

We will be running the workshop twice, at lunchtime and in the evening, to make it as accessible as possible to all.. If you can't join in, we'll share a recording and notes in our Previous Workshops archive so check back after the event to see what happened!

Upcoming workshops

If you have a question or a suggestion for a future workshop, or would like to present, collaborate or share your story for an existing workshop, we’d love to hear from you! Email Peter with thoughts and ideas. 

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