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These sessions are held on Zoom, to register please click on the links below.

13 May, 10.30am

Over lockdown, lots of us have spent more time socialising outdoors and learnt a lot about the importance of getting outside, but outdoor spaces can also be a fun, safe place for all kinds of community activities, from health walks to film nights!

Join us for this interactive sessions looking at how to organise community activities outside.  Register here.

14 May, 11 am

We can all connect through food, but how can we share and gather in a safe way as we come out of lockdown?  Looking forward to when we can all sit around a table again, this workshop is aimed at giving you a hands-on look at the different ways people can still connect around food.

Register to join us for this free workshop here.

18 May, 1pm

This event is aimed at people living in Birmingham and is an open space for support, conversation, inspiration and guidance about holding a Big Lunch over the summer.

Register here.

18 May, 2pm

The Big Lunch is about celebrating community connections and getting to know one another a little better.  This year, there are more reasons than ever to get together as The Big Lunch kicks off a summer of community, friendship and fun from 5 June.

You can join in however and whenever works best for your community, whether online, on your doorstep, over the fence, or in a public space.  We'll discuss how you can host your own Big Lunch in a fun and safe way that suits you and your community.

Register here.

25 May, 3.30

Join Eden Project Communities and Edinburgh based storyteller and writer Sian Bevan for a workshop all about how to reconnect with your community through storytelling.

For those who'd like to, there'll be opportunities for discussion, or just sit back and enjoy a chance to hear about the far reach of tiny tales.

Join here.

26 May, 7pm

The last year has shown us all how incredibly valuable our green spaces are within our communities, and we all know that nature connection plays a vital role in our wellbeing.

During this free session we will hear from Maria Billington, Sara Latimer and Michael French, each of whom have a diverse and engaging story to tell regarding setting up thriving community spaces.

This event is aimed at network members living in the West Midlands and South of England. Please register in advance here.


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