Celebrations and good deeds to round up 2019!

What a fantastic year we’ve had. December, while racing towards Christmas, always feels like a time to reflect, and celebrate, which is what we’ve been up to lately.

At our recent event in Cardiff we invited local people and groups to share their successes of 2019 and wow, what a great evening we had! The energy and passion in the room was something else, and people were reflecting on their year, celebrating their successes and sharing their insights with everyone. Thanks to everyone for coming along, it was a pleasure to be part of.

As part of this event our friend Russell from the Community Development Podcast came along and recorded an episode during the evening.

Our other recent event in Swansea, while being outside in the cold, gave us a warm fuzzy feeling! We decided to finish the year with an act of kindness, and it just shows how a few people in a short space of time can make such a difference. Hosted by Josh at Summit Good, 8 of us planted 115 trees in the space of an hour at a local school. Thanks to everyone for coming along, and thanks to Josh for organising and also for the delicious and super healthy chocolate truffle bars.

If you’re interested in arranging events similar to these, to connect with people in your local area, get in touch and we’d love to help out! We’re planning more events across the country in the New Year, so keep an eye out for those too.

For now, thank you all for a fantastic 2019, we wish you a great festive period, and see you in the bright and shiny New Year!

Lowri and Sam, Team Wales x


Community Gardens Award

These awards support community groups to set up gardens for the benefit of their local community. The projects need to bring the local community together in a space people can share, and inspire a love of gardening. The application closes at the end of December and funding is awarded in February, so get in quick!