Five business schemes and supportive organisations

Five business schemes and supportive organisations

Two men giving a presentation about community business to a group.
Here are some business schemes and supportive organisations which may be able to help with your event or project.

To give yourself the best chance, make sure you carefully read the criteria on the individual websites, tailor your application to closely meet the criteria and leave plenty of time for it to be processed. 

The ASDA Foundation

Basic Criteria

  • Must have the approval of your local ASDA store colleagues
  • Must be a charity or community group, not an individual
  • Must benefit the local community

Visit the Asda Website for more info

The Ford Britain Trust

Basic Criteria

  • Applications accepted from: Ford employees, registered charities, non-fee paying schools or PTAs and non-profit organisations
  • Support projects that provide clear benefits to the local community/environment and young people close to Ford UK locations (Essex, Bridgend, Southampton and Daventry)

Application process

  • Small grants (up to £250) four times each year
  • Large grants (usually between £250 – £3000) are considered twice a year

Visit the Ford website for more info

Employers and local businesses

Get your neighbours to ask if their employers have community funds or if they'll consider match funding community activities. You could also approach local businesses and ask them to sponsor particular elements of your party, like the hire of a bouncy castle, or to provide food, drink or prizes for a raffle. Try and make your ask relevant to the service or business they provide.

Housing associations

Housing associations work hard to encourage strong sustainable neighbourhoods, some offer community funds or may be able to support your event or project in other ways. There are too many to list but if you are part of a housing association, try contacting your resident, tenant or community involvement officer as a first step.

Local authorities

Times are tough and councils are always being asked to do more with less, but it is worth approaching your local council as some have community and neighbourhood funds or schemes which you might be able to apply to. Try searching for community fund or grant, neighbour or community relations on their website. Even if they don’t have any funds available they may be able to help in other ways or direct you to other local organisations for help and support.

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