Little Land of Big Lunches

Here are the six Big Lunch stories from across the UK featured in our Little Land of Big Lunches.  From Lunar Lunches to full blown street parties, from picnics in the park to 50's tea parties, you can Big Lunch any way that suits you and your community.

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"A Big Lunch can be whatever you want it to be. We flipped ours on its head and held a Big Lunar Lunch during Ramadan." Watch Heather's video.

"I held a Big Lunch to bring my cul-de-sac together." Watch Andrew's Video.

"Our Big Lunches have had a massive impact on our community - we know each other now." Watch Lisa's video.

"It's so rewarding, you're adding to your local area, and adding to your community." Watch Patricia's video.

"The Big Lunch is a real catalyst in your local community for people getting to know each other." Watch Emma & Shireen's video.

"I feel a sense of pride seeing the friendships that started at our Big Lunch." Watch Steve's video.