Hold a Lunar Lunch

We want everyone to be able to enjoy a Big Lunch, so if you or your neighbours are juggling busy lives, working irregular shift patterns or fasting for Ramadan on Big Lunch day, why not hold a Lunar Lunch instead?

We know that the official Big Lunch date may not be practical for every community to hold a Big Lunch. Lunar Lunches let you gear your event to take place after dark to help anyone who finds a day time get together difficult to accommodate. Get together with your neighbours after dark and feast into the night!

If you're holding a Lunar Lunch, you might want to think about location — finding a suitable enclosed community space or private garden. As well as food, refreshments and bunting — lanterns, candles and fairy lights always add a hint of magic, and of course, music brings the party to life! 

Nageena from Bradford held the very first Lunar Lunch

What I love about The Big Lunch is the simplicity — it’s about getting together with your community to mix with different generations and cultures to have meaningful conversations with others. We share our stories, our love of food and our community. It’s a really positive event that brings people together, friendships grow, new ideas form and blossom.

The Lunar Lunch offers an alternative to the traditional lunch, which is great because some people find day time events difficult because of working patterns, religious beliefs and difficulties in making ends meet. 

The Big Lunch is about community, friendship and fun, so I would encourage Muslim communities to embrace this chance to share food and friendship during Ramadan with people in their neighbourhoods. The Lunar Lunch at Iftar (sunset) is totally in keeping with our belief that during Ramadan we must increase our efforts to do good deeds and strengthen bonds with others. With a Big Lunar Lunch, everyone can come to the table!

 Bryony is a midwife and her partner also works shifts so they joined a Lunar Lunch:

It's a bit like sliding doors at home. We often work at weekends and rarely find time to organise things for ourselves! It’s tough - you’re always under time pressures, even at weekends, so doing things in the evening just works for us. The Lunar Lunch we’re going to is going to be great fun –we’re really looking forward to taking part.

If you need more inspiration for your Lunar Lunch, read more about Nageena's event, and check out our ideas for games, recipes and decorations. Our Big Lunch pack also makes it easy to hold a Big Lunch at anytime, anywhere, with invitations and posters to help you spread the word.