Eden Project Communities' very own neighbourhood heroes

It's incredible to see and hear about all the different ways people are helping their communities at this difficult time. We reached out to our own team to find out what they have been doing to support their neighbours. We hope it brings you a little happiness and inspires you to reach out to your community, however small the act!


Claire, Hertfordshire - 'We planted a lot of vegetable seeds and are sharing the plants with neighbours. We also helped start a neighbour Whatsapp group on our street so we can help each other out and share information.'

Tracey, Carlisle - 'I am doing what I can to keep my neighbours safe and their spirits uplifted. At Easter, I posted everyone a card to wish them happy Easter and left a few chocolate eggs on people's doorsteps. A few of my neighbours painted eggs and I learnt about pace eggs! I planted up and popped out a old sink to add a bit of colour and something new to look at.'

Sink with flowers

Northern Ireland

Grainne, Belfast - 'I am shopping for friends and family that can't get out, and I set up a neighbourhood Facebook message group to share updates. My neighbours are very kind to each other; a chef gifted shortbread, and a young neighbour made us rainbows while a singer/songwriter organised a social distancing street party!'

Niamh, Belfast - ‘I’ve been making washable fabric facemasks for the NHS and local care homes. All of these are boil washed, steam ironed, then placed in a plastic bag for three days before they go to the person requesting them. I also asked my kids’ school to donate their stock of science safety goggles and latex gloves, and arranged pick up and delivery to the NHS staff at the COVID testing centre in Belfast. They were very grateful and it was very gratifying to do.' 



Sophie, Edinburgh - 'I sent a note to my elderly neighbour, inviting him to give me a ring if he ever needed anything or if he just wanted a chat. Although he’s got practical support from other people, he rang me up for a natter one evening, and we had a lovely conversation! My neighbours have also been looking after me too – I’ve been given extra vegetables by the man next door!'

Caishlan, Dundee - 'We’ve been working with our neighbours Mip and Cal (and Bessie) to tidy up our communal garden, we live in a block of flats, so we’ve got some big containers and wood to make planters. We’re really looking forward to being able to sit somewhere nice and get some fresh air! Also, I’ve noticed the noticeboard for our block which is normally empty, is now full of messages and guidance which is really lovely to see.'Couple with dog


Sam, Llandrindod Wells - 'i've been collecting prescriptions and posting letters for my next door neighbour and vulnerable people within 2-3 streets of where I live. I chalked out a ‘jump on the dots’ play activity on the public path outside our front gate, with a sign that said ‘Have some fun, only step on the dots’ and clapped from our bedroom window every time somebody did it. I've also hosted weekly catch ups on Zoom for my little boy's school class. So far we’ve done a quiz, Come Dine with Me bake off, virtual disco and bingo. Next time is a scavenger hunt!'