Callum and Lesley from Skye

Lesley from Skye is thanking her neighbour Lesley.

I would like to nominate my neighbour Callum Davidson for being '#ThereForMe'. It's the little things that make life wonderful. Callum is 76 years young, not in great health but when I go out to work every week for the past 4 years without fail he buts my bins out and brings them back into storage every week. Also, if I'm out at work which is a lot, any deliveries that arrive, he is always there to take the parcels in.

Being on my own with a car, on a few occasions cars as they do play up, no matter what time of day, he is there to help and support me to do the right thing, jump leads etc, even phoning his brother or a friend to help.

It is with total respect that I make this nomination for my neighbour and friend as he is always there for me!