7 May 2021

Let's say Thank You together, 4 July 2021

There isn't a strict plan for Thank You Day, the idea is to say thank you however you want, but there are lots of planned activities which to can join in with and support, including The Big Lunch!


9am: A special Park Run in a location near you, followed by a thank you picnic brunch for their volunteers, friends and families.

11am: Communities are talking part in a Power Hour to tidy up our shared spaces, a way of saying thanks to our local environment for keeping us sane during lock down.

1pmThe Big Lunch invites you to share friendship, food and fun to say thank you with your neighbours and community.  Street party or picnic? Big or small? You decide!

5pmCheers for Volunteers - join us to raise a glass (or mug) to everyone who has helped us through the past year.

7pmBB-Thank-Q - The nation's biggest ever Cook Out led by Levi Roots.  

It doesn't matter how we do it, we're just getting together to say thank you in our own way.   Whatever we choose, let's all join in on Sunday 4 July and say a great big thank you!