31 March 2017

As we invite you to join us on The Great Big Walk, you well may be wondering whether it truly will be ‘great’ and ‘big’ enough to live up to its name.

Picture of walker enjoying nature

We’re still finalising the routes, but we can confirm that there will be five separate journeys heading from Batley towards Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, and London. The cumulative length of the walks will be well over 1000 miles, so it certainly isn’t a small stroll! In fact, the distance alone could be considered pretty great.

Need a little more convincing? Here’s a few more reasons why we think walking is great:

  1. Walking improves your health. Walking is the most frequently prescribed form of exercise as it helps in a variety of ways, boosting mental wellbeing as well as physical health, and it also helps older people stay mobile for longer.
  2. Walking enhances your productivity. A brisk walk will boost circulation and increase oxygen supply to every cell in your body, giving you more energy for whatever lies ahead in your day. If you’re getting out and about you’re also soaking up some much-needed vitamin-D, which keeps your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy.
  3. Walking is a simple, cost-free way to socialise. If you’re limited in time and money, or running out of local ‘hang outs’ to visit, walking is an often sought out alternative. Grab a friend, neighbour, or colleague, any time of any day, and walk – from wherever you are, to somewhere else! Alternatively, head out on your own and see who you end up connecting with; you could encourage a runner one day, sunbathe on a bench with an elderly local another day, and get tied up by a dog walker the next!

Walking is a brilliant and straightforward act, which both heightens health and enhances effectiveness; but the additional benefits which come from creating connections with those around you are equally significant. Walking brings people and whole communities together, and as our upcoming walk is doing this on a national scale, we’re pretty sure that The Great Big Walk is a fitting name.