19 April 2017

Big Luncher Joan from Cheshire gives her 5 top tips for getting over your door knocking nerves.

“I’m very new to The Big Lunch and have been inspired to give it a go in my street by my niece, who has helped organise hers for the last 3 years. Being a “newbie” to my street, having only lived there for 2 years, I was rather nervous about knocking on my neighbours doors in the cul-de-sac. The first door knock was the hardest but the people I spoke to were friendly and positive which encouraged me. Here’s my top door knocking tips for other first time Big Lunchers who might be nervous about approaching their neighbours.”

Tea party Big Lunch.

1. Choose a sunny day to door-knock
People can visualise a happy street party and don’t mind standing at the door to talk when it’s good weather!

2. Introduce yourself by your first name and house number
I introduce myself straight away to allay any fears that I am trying to get money from my neighbours or sell something.

3. Allow yourself plenty of time
Make sure you’re not in a rush and can give those people who need it time to listen to everything you have to say.

4.  Ask your neighbours if they’ve heard of The Big Lunch
Conversation flows easily after that!

5. Take a printed letter about The Big Lunch to leave with your neighbours
It’s great to refer to while talking if you get a bit nervous and you can also post through the letter boxes of homes where no one is in.

Remember every Big Lunch journey begins with the first step so take the plunge and knock on that door! A big thank you to Joan for sharing her advice.

Want to share yours too? Send it to communities@edenproject.com