3 March 2023

We're delighted to once again support Food for Life Get Together's Plant and Share Month, which takes place this year from 22 April to 22 May.

Did you know?

Wherever possible, using peat-free compost (or even making your own!) is a small measure we can all take to protect our environment this spring. Peatlands are precious spaces for wildlife and they're a huge store of carbon - protecting them is vital in the fight against climate change.

Check out some of our top ideas, resources and tips for getting involved this year:

1. Get growing for your Big Lunch

If you're getting involved in The Big Lunch this year, why not try bringing along some of your fruit or veggies for the table?  There's nothing more satisfying than sharing delicious food that you have grown yourself!

Get growing for your Big Lunch


2. Plant flowers for your street!

Could your street do with a little TLC?  We share our top tips for beautifying your neighbourhood using minimal equipment.

Plant flowers for your street


3. Plant a community garden

Transform an allotment, flowerbed, city pavement or park!  Check out some of the ways you can make a change in your community through gardening.

Plant a community garden


4. Seed a wildflower meadow

This fun family activity doesn't just end up looking beautiful... wildflower meadows help support insects and birds. You can even let a patch of your lawn grow wild and plant some wildflower seeds there!

seed a wildflower meadow


 4. Plant and Share toolkit

Register your Plant and Share event/activity, and check out the amazing toolkit put together by Food for Life Get Together.

Plant and share toolkit

For more ideas, head to our Greener Communities hub!

Plant and Share is a month-long campaign across the UK to get us all out in the garden, on the allotment or veggie patch.