19 November 2019

Patchwork allows people to get together to contribute money, time and skills, whether it’s for a wedding, birthday or a Big Lunch.

Rosie from the Patchwork Team told us about the ‘Give List’ – their new way of looking at gift-giving which was inspired by her 8 year old daughter Bo, and her letter to Father Christmas.  We think it’s a great idea and wanted to share it with you. Find out more about the Give List and how you can use it this Christmas to encourage gift-giving that is a bit more creative, collective and less wasteful.

The gift of joy

Instead of a classic Christmas list filled with physical presents, you can create a Give List that lets your friends and family buy the gift of kindness, connection, love and learning.

With your Patchwork Give List you can invite family and friends to ‘Fund, Make and Do’ things that you will really appreciate and could be a way of asking loved ones to share an experience with you. There are many ways you can tailor your patches:

  • DO – new year, new beginnings. Ask for cuttings of a plant you’d like to grow, perhaps your friend has a skill you’d like to learn, or they could share some time with you like going for a cuppa or a walk
  • MAKE – ask crafty friends or family to make something. This could be your favourite treat, a painting or a knitted scarf
  • FUND – if you have a personal project you’d like to get off the ground or there’s something you’ve wanted for a while that you feel you couldn’t ask for, your loved ones can all muck in to contribute.

How you set up your Patchwork is completely up to you and the beauty of it is that you can tailor it in many ways, including using your patches to gift other people. Is there a cause or charity close to your heart that you’d like to donate to this Christmas? Whether that’s time or money, use your fund patch. Take inspiration from Bo, who is asking for gift money so she can go to the shops and buy things for her local food bank.

Waste-free fun

Another great thing about setting up a Patchwork Give List is that it reduces unnecessary waste. Say goodbye to unwanted presents; giving the gift of kindness and experience can’t be discarded, nor can the memories that come with it. The Give List also reduces unwanted presents going to landfill, so you’re helping our planet too!

As you can see, there’s plenty you can do with your Give List, but the main aim is to spread joy and kindness. We like to think that this will bring people together and strengthen communities, which is amazing to do all year round but what a better time of year to do this than time of giving, Christmas.

Find out more about Patchwork’s Give List and how you can start making yours - they have tailored Give Lists for grown-ups, families and kids. Our friends at Patchwork have kindly sent us a code so you can set up your Give List for free – simply use the code COMMUNITY. Happy Patchworking!