22 May 2018

Big Lunches don't need to be BIG or complicated, so take advantage of the lovely weather and get together with your neighbours with a last minute lunch invite.  Here are five key ingredients...

1. A location - you can hold a Big Lunch anywhere: from a park to a car park, the village hall to a back garden. Wherever you choose just make sure you have the relevant permissions!

2. NeighboursPeople are the most important part of a Big Lunch, so head out with an invite or simply knock, stop and chat! Put some posters up on lamp posts, and don't forget a bit of pavement promotion with the chalk! 

3. Decorations -Decorations don’t have to be fancy or costly, half the fun is in the making! Bunting, tablecloths and paper chains can all be made at home and are a great way to get children together and involved in The Big Lunch.

4. Something to sit on - an easy one to solve, just ask everyone to bring a garden chair, stool or rug.

5. Food - the all important ingredient!  Encourage people to bring and share (just label for any allergens), or allocate sweet or savory dishes to odd or even flat or house numbers. We've got lots of tasty recipe ideas to try, or you could ask everyone to chip in and share a take-away from a local restaurant. 

Don't forget to bring some rubbish bags to keep the place clean afterwards, and divvy out leftovers among guests so that food doesn't go to waste. 

We know it can be daunting, especially if you don’t know your neighbours at all, but we hear so many stories of people who were grateful that one of their neighbours had taken the plunge!