13 July 2017

Our small team has been busy of late with the Big Walk and the Big Lunch, but a challenge is a challenge and we haven’t given up! It’s been 50 days since our last #YearofCheer post so here are 50 ways you can add cheer to your life and the lives of those around you.

A collage of happy pictures.

1. Hang out your housemate's washing — even better if they don’t have to ask.

2. Stop and help someone with a pram get up or down the stairs.

3. Read the same book that your child is reading so you can talk about it together.

4. Get a group together for ‘build your own pizza’ night.

5. Make your grandparent(s) a cup of tea and ask them to tell you a story from their childhood.

6.  Buy a few extra items at the supermarket and donate them to your local food bank.

7. Give away clothes you haven’t worn in the last 18 months. 

8. Set up a clothes exchange evening — take along things you love but don’t wear anymore and swap them amongst your friends. See our step by step instructions here

9. Make a piñata for the kids in your community.

10. Start a board game competition with friends or family — add snacks to make a night of it.

11. Smile at everyone you pass when out for a walk; you could even say hi ;)

12. Encourage your kids to hold their own art exhibitions at home and invite along your neighbours to admire the masterpieces.

13. Get a group of friends together to have your own cooking competition — pick random ingredients for each other’s team (all items must be used in some way) and have a cook off.

14. Give someone your parking ticket when you have leftover time.

15. Take a friend to a comedy show or keep your eye on ticket prices and organise a group to go together for a good laugh.

16. Leave a positive review for a local business when you’ve had a good customer experience — on a review site, or tag them on social media to recommend to your friends.

17. Pay for someone’s hot drink if they’re lined up behind you.

18. Make sure everyone in group conversations feels included.

19. When you finish a great book, pass it on to someone you think will also love it. Write a special note in the book for extra cheery vibes.

20. When you spot someone taking a group photo, offer to take it for them so they’re included. 

21. Tape positive notes to the bathroom mirror for a good start to the day.

22. Offer to walk your neighbour’s or grandparent’s dog.

23. If you’re leaving the country, pass your unused coins on to someone who can use them.

24. If someone lines up behind you at a store with only a couple of items, let them go ahead of you at the counter.

25. Send someone a care package so they know you’re thinking of them.

26. Voice your appreciation for a co-worker to them or their manager — a thank you can change someone’s day.

27. Pay the toll for the vehicle behind you as well as your own.

28. Donate pet food to an animal shelter — pop in for a visit while you’re there.

29. Hold the door open for someone.

30. Make and bury a time capsule with your kids or with the community.

31. Plant a community tree — try a lemon or lime tree for everyone to use.

32. Offer to check your elderly neighbours’ smoke alarms.

33. Make ‘fridge soup’ with any leftover veggies wilting on the shelves.

34. Turn your unused car park into a mini garden (check out this one the Mayor of Ithica did for inspiration). 

35. Have an international themed pot luck dinner night  assign everyone a different country and ask them to bring a traditional dish originating there.

36. Surprise your work colleagues by bringing in lunch for everyone.

37. Have a ‘play with your food’ session with your kids.

38. Make your own lemonade and take it to a friend’s house for afternoon refreshment.

39. Create a memory book for your grandparents to fill out. Pop a question on each page, e.g. When were you first allowed to wear makeup? How did you decide the names for your children? Where was your first date with Granddad?

40. Arrange with a local artist to run art classes for kids in your neighbourhood during the holidays.

41. Send a notebook around your friends and family and ask them to add their signature recipe for a ‘Cooking with Love’ cook book. 

42. Help your kids make or decorate a photo frame they can pop a photo of themselves with a loved one in. These are perfect for gifts.

43. Take your kids or an old friend berry picking one afternoon.

44. Each time you purchase a new piece of clothing, donate an unused piece.

45. Find some big rocks to paint and decorate. These become great door stoppers and paper weights.

46. Dig out the details for your old pen pal you lost touch with and send them a letter. 

47. Sign your child up to have a pen pal  go old school and send proper, physical letters.

48. Watch an inspirational Ted Talk  great for if you’ve had a low day.

49. Head down to the beach with friends for a sand castle competition — in teams or as individuals — always a bit of fun. Ask passers-by to vote!

50. Try out a jam or chutney recipe and deliver a jar to each of your neighbours.



We hope some of these ideas have inspired you to get cheery. You can follow the #YearofCheer on our @edencommunities Twitter page dor a daily dose of goodness. We'd love to hear your ideas for random acts of kindness too! Leave us a comment below :)