Why get involved?

It’s fun, puts the environment on everyone’s agenda, and helps children experience being active citizens - great for them and for meeting the 2019 Ofsted Framework criteria.


Give your students real opportunities to be active citizens in a rich and varied curriculum. 

  • Green social action gives your pupils first-hand experiences and the opportunity to develop a range of skills, including co-operation and empathy.
  • Develop your pupils’ confidence in their abilities and sense of responsibility.
  • Improve pupil wellbeing through participating in social action and greater exposure to natural environments.


In your Citizenship classes, PSHE lessons or circle time activities, give your pupils opportunities to talk about their experiences and opinions and listen to those of others. Celebrate what we have in common and value diversity. Develop pupils’ understanding of their relationship to the environment and their communities and give them experience of taking an active role within them.


Pupils will have developed knowledge and skills through their green social action. Research from Defra and the University of Exeter shows that exposure to natural environments can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, with benefits being most significant for disadvantaged communities.

We can’t do this without you…

Our early experiences have a big impact on who we become as adults, our interests, our behaviours, who and what we care about.

Teachers and youth workers are special people and hold positions with huge potential to positively influence the passions that young people develop.

Creating meaningful experiences that shape their relationship with nature and providing opportunities and agency for them to take action champions the role that young people can play in protecting the future of our planet, and embeds youth social action into the work and long-term strategies of your own schools and organisations.